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Connecting to the right financing solution


2 types of Company Financing Solution

  • HK Finance: starting from 6 months operation is eligible for financing 

Large Amount

Ideal amount depends on which type you choose. Click above to see details and apply for the best option.


  • Innovative Financing Experience

  • 100% online application

  • Low-interest with speedy application simple documents

  • Founder shares > 51%

Medium Amount

Start from HKD80,000​ in financing amount. Submitting additional supporting documents may help to obtain the ideal amount


  • 100% online applicationNo face to face

  • Quick access to fast cash in 30 mins

  • Low Interest, No handling fee or penalty period

  • Flexible repayment period and freedom in determining repayment amount

Small Amount

A maximum limit of HKD20,000​ in financing amount applies to applicants who only provide HKID and mobile phone number. Additional supporting documents may help to obtain max. of HKD300,000

Application through WeExpand will be entitled for 3 months free trial of WeExpand service. This will not just fulfill your instant financial needs but also helping you to grow your business opportunity. Signup to get it.

 Actual Financing service is provided by our strategic partners. No additional charges for this connecting service. The interest rate will be the same as what our partners offered . 

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