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Connecting startups to Trade Finance Solution

Two Approaches

Our partner work with International Trade Credit Insurance Companies for Trade Credit Insurance, business can enjoy

  • Free credit check on buyers

  • Buyer default protection (up to 90%)

  • Credit management and ongoing monitoring of buyers

  • Lower threshold level and premium rate

Purchase Order Financing

  • Require No Collateral

  • Finance Up to 70%

  • 1.5% - 2.5% interest of the Purchase Order

Invoice Financing

  • Require No Collateral

  • Finance Up to 90%

  • 0.8% - 1.2% Interest of the Invoice

Application Process

1. Register

2. Submit

3. Funding

Application through WeExpand, you will be entitled for 3 months free trial of WeExpand OnDemand Salesforce service. This will not just fulfill your instant financing needs but also helping you to grow your business opportunity. Signup to get it.

 Actual Financing service is provided by our strategic partners. No additional charges for this connecting service. The interest rate will be the same as what our partners offered . 

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