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Connecting startups to HK Finance Solution

Two approaches

Our partner is a listed company in Hong Kong and they service the market since 1996. WeExpand together with them is devoted to providing our clients with a wide variety of professional, reliable and flexible support. Whether you are looking for capital or business expansion, we will follow through your case personally and present you with flexible and thoughtful solutions suited to your specific needs.

  • Spared credit limit for you, pre-approved, interest-free undrawn credit limit

  • Revolving credit facility. The amount of credit limit will automatically restore upon repayment for revolving use

  • Same-day approval

  • Instantly fulfill your startup financing needs

Property Financing Approach

  • Up to 70% of property value

  • Max 120 months terms

No Collateral Approach

  • Max HKD200,000

  • Max 12 months terms

Application Process

1. Register

2. Submit

3. Funding

Application through WeExpand, you will be entitled for 3 months free trial of WeExpand OnDemand Salesforce service. This will not just fulfill your instant financing needs but also helping you to grow your business opportunity. Signup to get it.

 Actual Financing service is provided by our strategic partners. No additional charges for this connecting service. The interest rate will be the same as what our partners offered . 

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