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Serving Market
GBA, Hong Kong & South East Asia

Our southeast asia team has over 20+ years of experience and is able to access China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and India market. Effectively cover a full range of sales and marketing work, such as data analysis, potential customer development, omni-channel social media marketing, distribution channels establishment, virtual assistants for admin work and virtual sales specialist, etc.

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100+ Brands
Trust Us

We bring brands from China/HK to go oversea and expand locally. Southeast Asia is one of the regions with the most active mobile network and social community users in the world. Taking Singapore and Malaysia as examples, up to 80% of people use social networking sites, much higher than the global average, and spend an average of 2 to 2.5 hours a day on social networking sites. When doing business in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, whether it is community management, advertising, or live streaming shopping guides, investing in FB and IG is the best way to attract customers. Also YouTube videos are popular. It is recommended to use short videos, vlogs, unboxing videos and other videos to enhance the shopping guide effect.

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Self-innovated Virtual Sales platform and Soical Media Marketing services
for our clients across China, HK, SG, JP, KR, TW, FR...etc

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Our client spread across Insurance, Finance, Retail, TMT, Education, etc.
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