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Create Sales Opportunity Network

1. Create a Network

Create Product Referral Link by setting up reward amounts to referrers, maximum level of propagation and assign a marketing budget to run the Network.​


2. Create a Loop

Propagate your Product Referral Link through social media. Once the Product Referral Link is clicked and re-shared by referrers, "Loop"(s) will be created, which then forms the Sales Opportunity Network. Every referrer in the Loop will be entitled a reward amount.


3. Close the Loop

If a sales/referrer takes up the Product Referral Link by creating a sales opportunity, then the Loop will be closed. We name it as "Close-the-Loop".​ That means the company will receive a sales opportunity.


4. Reward

After Close-the-Loop, all the entitled reward amount for referrers will be realized to their account profile. The Sales Opportunity Network will continue to run and grow

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