Rm 522, South Wing, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, No 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.

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business expansion platform


create more business values and opportunities.


through On-demand virtual sales force with a deep understanding of the local market and with verifiable customer relationships

Enabled by A.I. and Blockchain Technology

Leveraging the power of Gig-economy to create huge business opportunities for tech & startups economy


Global Gig-economy


Global VC Investment


Global Startup Economy

35% of U.S. working population is gig-worker (60M),

Morgan Stanley: "could more than 50% by 2027".

Hong Kong is mirroring the trend.

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Core Services

Build global Salesforce

Test and Taste Market

Build Audit Trail

Manage Sales Pipeline

Financial Service

OnDemand Salesforce

Chat with Sales


Market Intelligent

We Simplify Operation

Alert and Acknowledge



Deal Closed

Acknowledge Payment

Sales force

We are Direct and Sustainable

Every startups want to be succeed and there are basically 5 successful factors for a startup. They are Idea, Business Model, Funding, Team & Execution and most importantly is Timing. We strongly believe that startup need to prove themselves by gaining market tractions and generating sales revenue before they can tell these 5 factors happened in their case.


So, it is worth to think where you can find a single platform to support you in a more flexible and scalable way at minimal~zero cost?