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Drive Sales with
Virtual Sales Network

Discover qualified prospects in the HK and South East Asia, break into key accounts and accelerate deal cycles with power of virtual sales network intelligence

Cross-border marketing | 跨境營銷協作 SaaS 平台

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You can allocate your budget to the people who actually generate sales lead for you. Reward them now instead of just spending it in tradional ways.

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Where do you allocate marketing budget?

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with viral-effect

We simply enable you to connect and trace whoever re-share your product content via any social media channels and develop a sales network that you own for lead generation.

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Virtual Sales Network

Guarantee the lead generation result

Not only enable your team to drive better result of sales & marketing campaigns, also our virtual sales specialists guarantee the number of qualified leads.

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Want to know more?

video tutorial

  • 00:26 For company clients, how to build virtual sales alliance networks

    • Develop Business Referral Network

  • 01:35 How does our mechanism work

    • Not only reward the one who refer the business to you but also the chain of people who connect you to the referrer.

  • 04:13 For sales, how to earn incentives

    • Any individual who want to leverage their customer network to earn rewards are welcome to join the platform

  • 05:34 WeExpand VS Traditional B2B mode

    • WeExpand's Competitive Advantage & Irreplaceable Uniqueness

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Our Achievement

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