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A platform to expand your
Social Selling, for a better
scale of promotion effect.

An award-winning MarTech platform that provide a share-to-earn mechanism for our corporate client to connect, build and manage a network of promoters thru' social content sharing.

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Share your product content and let the viral-effect grow

Our platform automatically creat a product page, a URL, then you can simply share it to your friends/business partners/existing customer/anyone. The more re-share they do, the more affiliates will be connected to form the virtal sales network. You will be able to message them and mange them on your dashboard. Just like building a sales army to promote your products and generate sales lead.


Connect and Track referrals activities


Manage virtual sales team & its viral-effect

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Follow up the sales cycle by
Invitation ONLY

Sometime, referral is just the first step of lead generation. You will need someone to follow the sales opportunity through out the entire sales cycle. Now, you can invite your most favourable referrer or your internal sales to join your private team for additional reward after closing a sales deal.

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Connect to build and manage your virtual sales ecosystem
"A team of affiliate who sell & promote for you"

To further realize the values of maintaining a team of affiliate, we faciliate our corporate client to manage them in a single dashboard. Our client can trace who is actually promoting for them and track the sales lead that they bring into the pipeline. Also, our platform will connect and expand the team as well as forming a virtual sales network to boost sales.

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Want to know more?

Please follow this video guideline!

  • 00:26 For company clients, how to build virtual sales alliance networks

    • Develop Business Referral Network

  • 01:35 How does our mechanism work

    • Not only reward the one who refer the business to you but also the chain of people who connect you to the referrer.

  • 04:13 For sales, how to earn incentives

    • Any individual who want to leverage their customer network to earn rewards are welcome to join the platform

  • 05:34 WeExpand VS Traditional B2B mode

    • WeExpand's Competitive Advantage & Irreplaceable Uniqueness

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