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How to join Reward-Per-Referral 

01. Assign Marketing Fund

Assign a budget into your Reward-per-Referral (RPR) programme

02. Set your expectation

  • Reward amount to each referrer after successful referral 

  • Maximum level of propagation

  • Commission shared to referrers after close-the-deal

03. Send out your product page

  • Send out your product page (it is a link) to your personnel and/or customer network thru any media like email, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn...etc.

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04. Wait for Clicks and Shares

  • Once the product page has been "clicked and Shared" (defined as "Loop") by someone (defined as "referrer"), the referrer will be entitled a reward amount.

  • The product page will then be propagated for "Clicks and Shares" again and again

  • Here is where the product being promoted broadly

05. Close the loop

  • If someone (i.e. sales) take up the referral opportunity and try to close the deal for the company. Then the loop closed and the sales will be entitled for additional commission set out by the company's commission scheme.

  • In this case,

    • The propagation of the link stopped  and name it as "Close-the-Loop"

    • The reward amount for all the referrers within the Loop will be realized to their account profile.

How does RPR looks like when it happens 

1. Product Page​

2. Share to anyone (referrer)

[1st level of propagation]

3. A sales take up the referral and close the loop by creating a sales opportunity

5. Other propagations are still continue until another Close-the-Loop

4. Every referrer within the same loop will be rewarded

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