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What is On-demand Virtual Sales Force

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

In the rise of gig-economy, workforces are increasingly deployed remotely, and sales teams are becoming increasingly virtual. In 2020, COVID-19 is changing how B2B sales and customers interact. Companies are learning how to adapt to the new normal. Building a strong and effective virtual sales force is becoming a vital asset for many of them. However, the market has different interpretations on what does Virtual Sales Force really mean and why does it matter?

Virtual Sales Force

Virtual Sales Force used to be interpreted as virtualization or digitalization of the sales process. With the rise of technology, sales professionals are increasingly likely to chat with a customer or prospect from behind a computer screen, rather than by slogging to their office. Typical examples are using Zoom for online meetings, Salesforce for CRM, Google Drive for document sharings, etc. Having said that, it is still believed that building personal rapport has a substantial impact on converting a prospect.

WeExpand On-demand Virtual Sales Force

WeExpand believes that Virtual Sales Force is far more than process digitalization. Virtual Sales Force is a network of people who have genuine customer relationships, customer know-hows, product knowledge, sales mindset and capability. They can be your friends or anyone around you. You can leverage their customer relationships to create sales opportunities and business referrals with rewards. WeExpand On-demand Virtual Sales Force is all about the engagement tactics and autonomous growth within the network. In our previous article, What is Sales Opportunity Network, we have walked through how you can engage, incentivize and build the network. Subsequently, you can track all the relationships they built and the business activities they performed for you.

WeExpand model enables you to transform your people network into sales performance and accelerate business growth. We dramatically improve the sales coverage, control, and cost effectiveness of your commercial model.

Why you should get started with WeExpand

By moving to WeExpand, your business potential is not limited by the size of your sales team. You start to engage, nurture and grow your network of Virtual Sales Force. It is a sustainable and self-growing network that can help you unlock many possibilities you cannot imagine before.

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