WeExpand Platform. Your Business Partner

WeExpand Platform includes tools for companies to vitalize their business and for sales gig-workers to gain rewards for their contribution.


For Company

Lead generation and sales opportunities creation are always tough. Traditional ways such as cold calling, tele-marketing and marketing events may not be able to fit the needs of the platform economy especially for companies having limited resources, such as start-ups and overseas companies venturing into new markets.

WeExpand allows you to build your own on-demand virtual sales forces and create your own Sales Opportunity Network by leveraging the benefits of gig-workers and a simple but impactful referral mechanism. Our A.I. also generates more market intelligence while assisting you in building your brand with blockchain technology.

In WeExpand, you spend less or nothing at all before you realize your return.


For Gig-workers

Gig-Economy is a free and open market system in which companies engage workers for a temporary period, instead of hiring them for permanent positions. In the 2000s, rapid digitalization was seen across many economies and sectors, driven by the advancement in information and communication technologies, viz., Internet, smartphones and mobile devices. As a result, on-demand platform based on digital technology has created a new form of working culture for B2B, B2C and even O2O, the so-called Gig economy was born and has become a focus.

WeExpand allows people who have extensive sales experience, social network and are passionate about selling to join our platform to build their own business ecosystem for brand identity while getting rewards for their contributions. Joining as sales gig-worker in our platform is always free of charge.