How It Works for Company

Build On-demand Virtual Sales Force


1. Open an Account

Register a free company account and setup your profile and commission scheme


3. Collaborate

Drive your sales in your own way with our sales pipeline management module


2. Invite

Chat with virtual sales professionals and Invite them to your team if you like them


4. Reward

Once a sales order is created by virtual sales professional, reward them with commission


Create Sales Opportunity Network


1. Create a Network

Create Product Referral Link by setting up reward amounts to referrers, maximum level of propagation and assign a marketing budget to run the Network.


3. Close the Loop

If a sales/referrer takes up the Product Referral Link by creating a sales opportunity, then the Loop will be closed. We name it as "Close-the-Loop".​ That means the company will receive a sales opportunity.


2. Create a Loop

Propagate your Product Referral Link through social media. Once the Product Referral Link is clicked and re-shared by referrers, "Loop"(s) will be created, which then forms the Sales Opportunity Network. Every referrer in the Loop will be entitled a reward amount.


4. Reward

After Close-the-Loop, all the entitled reward amount for referrers will be realized to their account profile. The Sales Opportunity Network will continue to run and grow


How It Works for Sales Gig-worker

Build your own rewarding business ecosystem


1. Open an Account

Register a free sales account and setup your profile by entering your sales experience and specialties. Then you can view companies' profile.


3. Collaborate

Pursue your prospects and refer sales leads to connected companies and manage with them in our sales pipeline management module. You can also help them energize their Sales Opportunity Network by propagating their Product Referral Links.


2. Invite

Chat with companies and Invite them to your profile if you think you can bring great business potential for them. Feel free to meet with them for a better understanding.


4. Reward

Once you close the deal(s) for them or make successfull referrals, connected companies will reward you according to the agreed commission scheme. WeExpand will also help streamline the transactions and ensure a correct calculation of the reward.


How to Close Deal


From generating more sales opportunities to closing more deals. WeExpand offer a close-deal module to facilitate our corporate memebers to work with sales gig-workers.

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