ASIA Leading

Virtual Sales Platform

a new way to build Sales Opportunity Network

A.I. and Blockchain will be our core technology

What's included in WeExpand


On-demand Virtual Sales


Form your own on-demand virtual sales team at lowest cost and deploy the right sales at ease


Sales Opportunity Network


By leveraging your own social network, you will be able to create a Sales Opportunity Network full of potential catalyzing your business growth


Market Intelligence


A.I. helps to generate market intelligence such as competitive landscape analysis and ROI reports. It also enables you to have a better match between your sales team and potential clients 


Brand Identity


Blockchain makes the audit trail more transparent and build the trust in the sales opportunity network. Your Company brand and Sales identity will become more recognisable

Our Vision

to become the largest sales opportunity platform in APAC for business expansion

We Promise


you will be able to

Generate Referral

Create Sales Opportunity

Build Virtual Sales Force

Unlock unlimited business potential with gig-economy


Global Gig-economy


Global VC Investment


Global Startup Economy

35% of U.S. working population is gig-worker (60M), Morgan Stanley: "could more than 50% by 2027".

Hong Kong is mirroring the trend.


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