1. How Gig-worker get paid?

A. There is a status flag in both gig-worker and company pipeline dashboard, when the sales-talent confirm with the customer that they had already sign the contract then sales-talent has to update the opportunity status as "Closed" and the company once receive the signed contract, the company also need update the status of the opportunity as "contract signed". Once WeExpand received the payable amount of commission, the agreed amount of commission will be transferred to the registered bank account of the sales-talent.

2. How Gig-worker refer or engage a sales opportunity?

A. Gig-worker can specify whether you just want to refer the opportunity or you want to engage the whole sales-cycle. The different of "refer" and "engage" is that "refer" means you only introduce the customer to the company and let them to follow up. "engage" means you hold the customer conversation through out the sales-cycle and lead to close. Of course the commission rate of this two type of collaboration is different, it will depends on how the company set out their commission rate. Each company setting will be different, check out the rate before you make your choice.

3. What payment method will be available, any additional charges?

A. We will direct bank in to your bank account. If there is any additional charges incurred during the bank transactions, the gig-worker has to be bear the transaction fee. Otherwise, no additional charges will be applied to gig-worker. Our aim is to help, not earn from this.

4. Beside sales talent, is there any other job type is allowed?

A. Yes, we will offer the other job type related to business development later. The could be digital marketer, Partner Manager, etc.

5. How commission is calculated?

A. You have to check out the commission rate and scheme carefully from each company before engagement. Basic concept for a simple possible example is that assuming the commission rate is 10% and the rate will be applied onto the total contract value which is USD30,000. Then the payable commission amount to the sales-talent would be USD30,000 x 10% = USD3,000.

6. How much gig-worker need to pay in WeExpand.co?

A. Totally free of charge.


1. How company receive the payment after invoicing?

A. You can direct invoice the end customer. We aim to facilitate you to build more customer relationship. However, if you have any invoicing enquiry with the end customer, you can try to ask the gig-worker who refer the business to you for help. Or you can send us an enquiry and see what can we help for your case.

2. How company pay commission to gig-worker and WeExpand Limited?

A. Once the business opportunity has been closed and updated the status in the pipeline by both gig-worker and the company, the company has to transfer the commission based on the agreed commission scheme to the bank account of WeExpand Limited. The commission includes the amount earned by the gig-worker and the platform fee earned by WeExpand Limited. Basic concept for a simple possible example is that assuming the commission rate is 10% and the rate will be applied onto the total contract value which is USD30,000. Then the payable commission amount to the sales-talent would be USD30,000 x 10% = USD3,000 and the payable platform fee to WeExpand Limited would be USD30,000 x 5% = $1,500. That means the company has to transfer $4,500 to WeExpand Limited.

3. How commission is calculated?

A. You set your own commission rate for both collaboration type like "refer" and "Engage". It depends on how deep you close the gig-worker work with you. Also, you have to set out your own commission scheme, the main goal is make it simple and attractive.

4. How company manage their team of gig-worker?

A. Company has their own pipeline and gig-worker management dashboard. You can search and select whoever you want to connect. After selecting all the approved gig-worker, you can view them in a listing format. You can also swap the other one to align with your own sales strategy.

5. How company know their gig-worker is working on the task?

A. You can chat with them and do a weekly or daily conversation to ask for the status of the pipeline. If you find that there is always no update for a business opportunity, you can stop the engagement and then re-assign the business opportunity to another gig-worker. Normally, you can specify a period (e.g. 3 months or 6 months) for gig-worker swapping if there is continuously no update for a particular opportunity or gig-worker.

6. How much company need to pay in WeExpand.co?

A. Basically pay 3 things. 1) Pay for the monthly plan that you subscribe. 2) Pay commission to gig-worker once the deal is closed. 3) Pay commission to WeExpand.co once the deal is closed.

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