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Did you know you can speed up your sales prospecting with our virtual sales referral platform? 

The First HK Virtual Sales Platform to develop a rewardful business referral network

Connecting Dots

Values that we deliver

Support you to connect and manage referrers’ activities at low cost,

Build-in viral effect mechanism increase referrals for your business referral network,

Build virtual sales team at low cost for business expansion,

Save time to track your business referrals in multiple levels,

Hassle-free incentives transmission,

Easy to use SaaS based and light-weighted sales referral model

Who and Why need us?

For B2B business owner and the sales & marketing organizations that support them (e.g. Startups Company, SMEs, Enterprise) who want to better manage and track their referral business in multiple levels, WeExpand is an award winning SalesTech platform assisting them to connect and incentivise more referrers through social content sharing, and to help them build larger sales alliances network in a more cost-effective way, aim to increase sales opportunities and create a revolutionizing B2B business referral ecosystem. Unlike other leads generation solutions, WeExpand is tailor for and complement those who want to build and grow a sustainable business referral network with visibility of its activities and monetization.

Want to know more?

Please follow this video guideline!

  • 00:26 For company clients, how to build virtual sales alliance networks

    • Develop Business Referral Network

  • 01:35 How does our mechanism work

    • Not only reward the one who refer the business to you but also the chain of people who connect you to the referrer.

  • 04:13 For sales, how to earn incentives

    • Any individual who want to leverage their customer network to earn rewards are welcome to join the platform

  • 05:34 WeExpand VS Traditional B2B mode

    • WeExpand's Competitive Advantage & Irreplaceable Uniqueness

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